Sunday, January 24, 2010

Future Orders

I'm sad to announce that I will not be taking any further cake orders. In a nutshell, it is just too stressful with a toddler. I have been so blessed with so many to support me and have had quite an adventure. I still have some orders to take care of in the next few months, three wedding cakes included, and will continue to make cakes for family here and there. Stay tuned. =)

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Turtle Cake

My sis in law is obsessed with turtles, so naturally - that's what she got for her birthday! Chocolate cake with "turtle" ice cream inside.

Triathlon Cake

Triathlon cake for Megan's husband. Yellow cake with strawberry filling. =)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Basketball cake, baseball cupcakes

Rachel used this to ask out her Tolo date, who said yes! =) Chocolate cake with buttercream filling.

Baseball cupcakes to go along with - she used these in a scavenger hunt leading up to the cake!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monster Truck Cake

For Jeremy - we always go to Monster Truck Jam every year for his birthday. He's been dying for this cake. =) Vanilla cake with chocolate fudge filling. Graham cracker on the top. And I finally figured out the best way to take pictures of the cakes - makes me feel bad for all the other cakes!

Bridal Shower Cake

Sassy cake for a bridal shower. Woo! =) White cake with raspberry filling. Fondant on the outside with buttercream accents.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

60th Birthday Cake

This was exciting - I've been in touch with a publisher for a website "Macaroni Kid" whose been wanting to advertise for me. I haven't been able to afford to pay for it, but she said she couldn't stop thinking about my cakes and wanted to order one from me! So in exchange for making this cake for her, she's going to do a write up about my cakes in the weekly newsletter for two weeks!

On the cute site, North Sound Macaroni Kid, she highlights local happenings for kids and families in the North Sound area, also including household tips, recipes, craft ideas and etc. Check it out!

(Vanilla cake with a lemon frosting filling. Outside is buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant decor. )

Eagle Scout Cake

First Eagle Scout cake! (And first 1/2 sheet as well.) Chocolate cake with triple chocolate frosting filling. Buttercream on the outside with marshmallow fondant design.

For the eagle I used an edible marker to draw on the gray fondant. That was a first!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seahawks Cake

This one was for my best friend and her tailgating friends! Sunday was the Seahawks last game - what a better way to go out than with a fondant Seahawk cake? White cake and chocolate filling with chunks of dark chocolate candy...marshmallow fondant on the outside.

Drago Cake

Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling. Buttercream on the outside and colorflow design (which unfortunately cracked...)